Shove That ‘Ker-Pow’ Up Your @$$! A Better Way to Report on Disney-Marvel and Other Comics News


There’s little that can offend a comic book fan more than dumb, condescending, and/or uninformed comments by the mainstream media. We always brace ourselves for the inevitable onomatopoeia-filled headlines — but other silly comments are equally inexcusable. Yesterday’s big Disney buying Marvel reporting held many examples of this sad reality. Here’s a quick sampling of offenders working for legitimate media-related organizations:

“Pow! Bam! Are takeovers back?” — Paul R. La Monica,

Gaahhhhh! See above. I hope it’s the fault of an unseasoned copy editor and not the columnist. Shame!

“It’s like a fantasy football team on acid.” — Pandora Young, Fishbowl LA

Double fault. First, the cliche of tacking “on acid” to denote something unusual. If the deal were for a psychedelic-style publisher or something, I guess I could excuse the lazy writing. But the cliche doesn’t even hold! Did she mean something like “on steroids?” “On radioactive spider bites?” Even “on gamma radiation?”

And, here’s ones we liked — that reference the 4-color nature of the material without being douche-baggy.

“Disney Catches Comics Giant Marvel in a $4B Web” — Ryan Nakashima, AP

Clever, subtle Spider-Man reference, minus the condescension. Well done.

” . . .Disney’s $4 billion purchase . . . . is making some superheroic assumptions about synergies to justify the fat price.” — David Wighton, the Times Online.

Actual business analysis with barely touch of hyperbolic fair. Bravo.


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