Month: September 2009

Trader Joe’s Inspires Tribute Commercials, Cookbooks & Fan Clubs — A Chain Grocer’s Abnormal Appeal

467,484 views on YouTube — and counting — can’t be wrong. The video in question? “If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe’s,” a love letter of sorts to, of all things, a chain grocery store. Surprising? Hardly, when you consider that the store in question is a quirky, friendly, and low-priced option that has penetrated the lifestyles and psyches of Californians for generations.


Revolution Redux: Beatles Mania is Back

“Here, There and Everywhere.”

That’s the title of one of The Beatles’ most poignant songs, but it’s also an apt description of September 2009. It might as well have been 1963, because the Fab Four invaded again and Beatles Mania could be found everywhere.


Stevia: Coming Soon to a Coffee Cup Near You?

The face of sweeteners is changing rapidly. And never mind things that are just plain wrong, like Splenda with Fiber. Apparently, it’s a natural option, stevia, that could be the real future of non-sugar sweeteners. But can a sweetener known for bitterness and odd flavoring really be that popular?