Featured Artist: Matt Graves

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Matt Graves is Osmosis Online’s Photo Editor and Art Director. It’s only fitting we kick off our regular feature of artists and art with a quick spotlight on some of his works

When I was approached to contribute imagery for Osmosis Online, it got me to thinking about water molecules and how fluids of different concentrations interact.

To illustrate this, I filled a clear cube with water and dropped in different colors of food coloring not exactly knowing how it would turn out. Surprisingly, the results looked pretty interesting, kind of like an abstract expressionist painting. So, I set up the cube on a white backdrop next to a giant window and put my camera on a tripod to record this process experimenting with different combinations of colors. Minimal digital photo manipulation was done, mostly a slight color enhancement and cropping. The most work was done to the “flames” image which is just the negative of blue on white.

Visit the artist’s Web site: mgravesphoto.com.

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